Rockwell Commander 112A, N1349J was turned into a Crazzy offroad-Plane

 Rockwell Commander 112A, N1349J was turned into a Crazzy offroad-Plane

A man whose Wasteland name is Warsaw, bought the now-wingless Rockwell Commander 112A, N1349J for $200, dragged it home to Barstow, California and left it in the front yard of his parents’ house.

Four years later, Warsaw was laid off from a contract job with the Marine Corps. “I had an unemployment check, a shop, and the time,” he says. “And I’d always wanted to do something like this.”

Warsaw’s dad is a machinist and he’d grown up at his feet, watching his father before becoming a diesel mechanic for the Marine Corps and the Army himself. When Warsaw finally realized what he wanted to do with the plane, he spent six months plotting it in his head, then another three putting it together.

Warsaw mounted the plane onto the frame of a 1986 Ford F-250. He attached a Harley Davidson baffle, a Honda Civic exhaust pipe, lug nuts from a Humvee, and, of course, a nonfunctional 25 mm autocannon. He welded the car’s enormous grill himself, sketching it out on the ground with chalk and string before roll-bending every piece by hand.

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