Top 10 Autonomous Drone Taxis we will like to use in the future

Autonomous Drone Taxis set to become the popular choice of big city transport. Passengers will take a flying drone taxi to their destination and will enjoy the view while having a new level of experience. Autonomous air taxis will reduce stress and valuable travel time that we lose everyday on land. Lets check Top 10 !

10.Whisper EAC

Autonomous Drone Taxi Whisper EAC has been devoleped in France.İt has a total of eight engines and an amergency parachute.The batteries you can use 30 minutes flight range. It is characterized by safety, performance and low noise.

Whisper EAC Autonomous Drone Taxi

Self flying air taxi WHISPER is an 8 rotor Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) electric rotorcraft which was unveiled at the Aero 2017 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

9. Tecnalia

Tecnalia is a new prototype of autonomous Drone Taxi taxi that is designed to cover short distances in cities autonomously and can carry a load of 330 pounds and reach a speed of 55 miles per hour.It can cover distances of 9 miles in a time of 15 minutes.

Tecnalia Self flying Drone Taxi

8. HEXA lift Aircraft

Hexa works powered by 18 independent electric motors and is controlled through a joystick. It can reach a speed of 62 miles per hour and has an autonomy of 15 minutes.It is made of carbon fiber and weighs 430 pounds.It is equipped with safety systems such as airbags and an autonomous parachute. Drone has four floats that provide stability and allow to land in the water.

Hexa Lift Air Taxi

7. Volocopter 2X

Drone Taxi Volocopter 2x is a two seater multicopter that works powered by 18 electric motors.It can reach a speed of 62 miles per hour and has a range of 30 minutes.It has security systems and can operate autonomously the company has already completed its first test flights in cities like Singapore and will launch its air taxi service in 2021

Volocopter Drone Taxi

6. Bell Nexus 4EX

Bell Nexus 4e X is a four propelled vehicle and electric propulsion designed to reduce time on urban journeys.Self flying air cab will transport people or loads on a quiet uncomfortable trip through the city.You can reduce a 45-minute journey to just ten minutes.There will also be a hybrid version that will have a greater reach to cover more distant paths.

Bell Nexus 4EX Flying air cab

5. S-A1 Hyundai & Uber

Sa1 is a new drone transporter developed by Hyundai and uber that works powered by electric motors.It can take off and land vertically and will fly at a height of between 300 and 600 meters.There will be new generation takeoff and landing stations installed in urban centers.The company will begin flight tests in 2020 and will start the service in the coming years.

S-A1 Hyundai Autonomous flying taxi

4. HEAVISIDE Kitty Hawk

Heaviside is an electric vehicle for vertical takeoff and landing in high performance.Air taxi is designed to free people from traffic and can be piloted manually or operated autonomously.It has an autonomy of 1,000 miles and works powered by eight propellers.When it flies through the cities it is barely noticeable since it is about 100 times quieter than a helicopter.

Heaviside kitty hawk electric drone taxi

3. BlackFly Opener

Black fly it is an ultralight air taxi that is designed to take off and land vertically from anywhere. It works with eight propellers propelled by electric motors.Air taxi can reach a speed of 62 miles per hour and has a range of 25 miles.It weighs 308 pounds and can recharge 80% of its battery in 30 minutes.The company has already successfully completed more than 2,800 flights traveling more than 30,000 miles.

Blackfly Opener ultralight air taxi

2. Lilium JET

lilium jet is a new electric autonomous drone taxi that can take off and land vertically.It can reach a maximum speed of 185 miles per hour and has an autonomy of 185 miles.It works with 36 engines mounted on 12 spoiler that rotate to take off and to propel.It it can be piloted manually or operated autonomously.Air taxi has space to transport five passengers and will be used as an air taxi from 2025.

Lilium jet electric autonomous drone taxi

1. EHANG 216

EHang 216 it is a new autonomous vehicle model that is designed to transport two passengers on medium distance trips.It has twice as many propellers and twice the load capacity as the previous version.It can reach a speed of 80 miles per hour and works with sixteen propellers powered by electric motors.It has an autonomy of 25 minutes and the flights are monitored in the control center.The company has already successfully transported passengers in countries of America Asia or Europe.

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