Where are they : Planes that disappeared after taking off TBF Avenger Bombers, 1945 ( Flight 19 )

TBM Avenger Bombers

Five TBF Avenger Bombers lost mysteriously in Bermuda Triangle on December 1945. 75 years of mystery still unsolved by , military and civilian experts. They are unable to find an explanation for their disappearance.

Three months after World War II ended, five military planes took off from Fort Lauderdale­Hollywood Naval Air Station in Florida and vanished somewhere over the Atlantic in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. It was called Flight 19.


Flight 19 with it’s 14 crew man dissapeared over the Bermuda Triangle on 5th December, 1945. It was a planned routine navigation and combat training flight.  The assignment was called “Navigation problem No. 1”, a combination of bombing and navigation, which other flights had completed or were scheduled to undertake that day.

We know that; bombing exercises carried out successfully with the help of radio recordings. After bombings things got complicated. Aircrafts had problem with their compasses and lost the sensitivity of direction. And they went to the wrong direction while they were trying to back to the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All 14 airmen on the flight 19 were lost.

PBM Mariner
PBM Mariner

After losing contact a Martin PBM Mariner flying boat that subsequently launched from Naval Air Station Banana River to search for Flight 19. The PBM aircraft was known to accumulate flammable gasoline vapors in its bilges; and professional investigators have assumed that the PBM most likely exploded in mid-air while searching for the flight. Navy investigators could not determine the exact cause of the loss of Flight 19 or it’s rescuer PBM.

TBF Avenger Bombers group flight
TBF Avenger Bombers group flight

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