Turkish Air Force is the second after Airbus to perform ” retrofit ” for A 400 M Atlas


Turkish Air Force who is the partner of Airbus A 400 M cargo aircraft project, will upgrade the A 400 M’s. The procedure called ” Retrofit ” and TAF will be 2nd in the world to perform retrofit task other than airbus itself.

Turkish Air Force has an overhaul base at Kayseri which called ” Kayseri 2’nci Hava Bakım Fabrika Müdürlüğünde ” where they were performing light and heave maintenance procedures. At the end of the year they will be able to perform retrofit procedures for these flying castles.


Turkish Air Force will give service to all Airbus A 400 M Atlas users in Kayseri factory. With this contribution Turkish Air Force will gain more reputation in overhaul business around the world. It is expected to contribute to the Turkish Economy as well.

Project Engineer 1st Lt İsmail Baris Saglam said; A 400 M are Turkish Air Force’s first strategic cargo aircraft and Turkish Air Force has 9 of them. They are bigger and more capable than Turkey’s other cargo planes such as CN235, C160 ve C130 . For example an A 400 M Atlas can non stop fly from Turkey to USA without any cargo and without refueling. Also Turkey used A 400’s to rescue their citizens from China’s Wuhan city without refueling.

Saglam also said; Turkish Air Force is performing light and heavy maintenance’s of A 400 M’s in Kayseri. Turkish engineers reduced the light maintenance time from 6 months to 3 months and they are able perform it more economically than Airbus itself. This will make sure that other eight countries that uses Airbus A 400 M Atlas will fly to Turkey to perform their maintenance’s. In Aviation maintenance costs are one of the primary factors that effects operations. Aircraft operators have to keep planes in shape to continue their operations as planned. Low maintenance cost and time will likely to attract them to Turkey.

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