Air India Jet With More Than 180 Passengers Skids and Cracks in Half

The plane, a Boeing 737, had been returning from Dubai when it skidded off a rain-soaked airport runway in the southern state of Kerala. Indian media said three people had died and 30 to 40 were hospitalized.

NEW DELHI — An Indian jetliner with more than 180 passengers skidded off a wet runway in southern India Friday night and split in half, and Indian media said three people were killed and dozens injured.

The Air India Express flight was returning from Dubai to Kozhikode, a city in India’s Kerala state.

Indian media showed injured passengers lying in the hallways of a hospital. According to news reports, a pilot and two passengers died, and 30 to 40 passengers were hospitalized with injuries.

It has been raining heavily in that area for the past week and aviation experts said it appeared that the plane slid off the runway after having landed.

Indian media showed images of the jetliner’s fuselage cracked in half but there appeared to be no fire. Rescue crews were dousing the plane with water as rain continued to pelt down.

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