Is this double-decker seat the future of airplane travel?

(CNN) — A design that reconfigures airplane cabins with double-decker lie-flat seats in premium economy is being touted as a possible solution for fliers looking for more protection from the spread of Covid-19.

In a conversation with CNN Travel, O’Neill explained, “We basically retrofitted a whole other seat on top of another. So it’s essentially two levels, it’s not as tall off the ground as people might imagine, it’s only four and a half feet off the ground from the entry point to the lower seat to the upper seat.”

The concept makes use of the space between a standard seat and an overhead bin, resulting in more passenger legroom and space between passengers. The design promises no loss of seating density for airlines but a lot more room and privacy for Economy Plus passengers.

The Zephyr Seat would permit Economy Plus passengers to social distance more easily as each seat is a private individual cabin, and it would provide 78 inches of flat lying space

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