Robots are taking over ?

Robots are taking over aviation jobs. Exactly they are slowly replacing us in every area. As technology develops; it reduces workload and necessary humanic workforce. Today we are discussing a new adventure; Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Toyota Industries combined their forces to create an autonomous towing tractor and a robotic baggage loader. The county’s largest airline tells us to expect them as soon as possible.

They are planning to show us their achievements between Dec. 14-18 at Kyushu Saga International Airport (HSG). Toyota says their autonomous tractor reaches to 15 km ( 9.3 m ) per hour. It will be programmed to drive a preset course to prove its efficiency and safety while at the same time providing a glimpse into future airports ground operations.

Robots are taking over our jobs
Robots are taking over our jobs

The tractor drone will have a work partner to accomplish baggage loading job; A robotic arm. We are all familiar with them from automotive industry or Chemical Brothers Belive song video clip 🙂 This luggage loader robot arm will be able to lift up to 35 kg ( 77lbs ) and it will accurately stack the bagages for the most efficient storage in the aircraft. They are planning to use it on streamline container baggage loading which is one the most time consuming work in handling area.

Technology is replacing workers ? Robots are taking over ?

In one way it’s good that we are using technology in our benefit but what about the aviation workforce ? I am sure some of you will like the idea of robots are taking over because who didn’t have any problems with the aviation luggage at least once in their life ?

This program being conducted by ANA and Toyota is part of a plan backed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism in response to changes in the domestic work environment. While not saying how it will take away jobs from humans in the short term, they say it is in response to Japan’s declining population that could result in labor shortages.

Automation and robotics will change aviation and every aspect of life as we know it. At the airport, they are proving to have the potential to make operations more efficient and safer for everyone involved.

What do you think about Toyota’s latest autonomous tractor and robotic loaders ? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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