Russian Made Police Hoverbike Crashed in Dubai !

Russian Made Police Hoverbike

Russian made Hoversurf’s Scorpion hoverbike lost control during its test flight this week in Dubai. The Russian-based company has been working on its hoverbike, which has had successful flights indoors, but this new test brought it to its current limits.

It takes some courage to leap onto an open-air machine with four spinning propellers close to the pilot’s legs. Not to mention the only protection is a bike helmet and some armor. 

Russian Made Police Hoverbike is meant to join the Dubai Police ranks as a flying motorcycle.

Russian Made Police Hoverbike lost balance after pilot’s hand gesture

When Hoversurf’s flying motorcycle was being tested in a secluded area in Dubai, those standing around most likely didn’t expect what happened. 

It all happened in a matter of seconds. The Scorpion pilot jumped atop the hoverbike and quickly took off, heading up to 100 feet (30 meters) when suddenly the barometer failed — as per Hoversurf — and the pilot along with the flying motorcycle come hurtling down to the hard concrete ground. 

Russian Made Police Hoverbike 1
Russian Made Police Hoverbike

Before crashing, the hoverbike pitched wildly back and forth, not dissimilar to how a mechanical bull moves. It then looked like the machine couldn’t figure out how to remain horizontal and landed heavily on its two rear props before flipping over backwards dragging the pilot beneath, as the two front propellers kept rotating. 

Luckily, the pilot made it out unscathed but there was no such luck for the hoverbike, which was totaled. 

It’s either impressive or downright dumb to carry out such a test on hard concrete — there’s a reason why most hovercraft systems have been trialed over water or on tethers — regardless, it’s still a good day in the world of eVTOL. So long as no one gets seriously injured and safety guidelines are adhered to, these types of creations are incredible.

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