“Smart helmet” introduced at Rome airport measures temperature of passengers

Engineers at Rome’s Fiumicino airport; are testing a new “smart helmet” which scans passenger’s temperatures while they’re moving. furthermore it’s a part of safety measures to prevent; ill people to board on aircraft to protect people from Covid-19 . Besides the new high-tech ‘smart helmet’ visor has thermalogic heat sensors; which provide information about the temperature of passengers within a seven meters radius.

It helps security officers to scan people; as they enter the airport or wait in the line. Infrared images of passengers and their temperature recordings appearing inside the holo screen. While the right eye scans the people; officers can view through the left eye normally. Simonluca Tiberia; who’s in charge of testing and deploying smart-helmet technology; said Fiumicino officially known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport; would be the first airport in Italy and Europe to use it. Authorities hope the high-tech temperature scans and other health measures will convince people that; it’s safe to fly again, once restrictions on travel are lifted. Fiumicino currently has a small number of flights from Rome to other parts of Italy; and number of European countries. But authorities hope there’ll be a significant increase in flights from next month.

As Covid-19 threatens our lives; people scared to use public transportation and airliners as well. Moreover Aviation sector tries to find a solution to return people to airliners. They know; If they cant get back on track they migh go bankrupt. Civil aviation industry worth billions of dollars and millions of employees around the world.

Any Smart Helmet at airport will be enough for safety ?

So they know that quarantine cant last any longer but; Covid-19 is likely to remain and we need to learn to live with it. It will change our lifestyle but actions are necessary for us to continue our lives. As any any smart helmet at the airport around; will not be enough to ensure passengers for safe travel but some measures has to be taken.

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