Why give up home comfort to fly ?

A paragliding instructor in Turkey just took his business to new heights with a stunt that’s sure to attract daredevils and couch potatoes alike — ’cause he’s got a two-for-one special that appeals to both.

Hasan Kaval rigged a sofa and a TV to one of his paragliders this week … and then proceeded to take flight off a cliff, while capturing the whole thing on camera. What happens next is a lazy adrenaline junkie’s dream — doing something dangerous and thrilling, while being able to relax and take a load off at the same time. Genius!

Now, the man himself showed us how it’s done with a full-blown airborne demo. While the couch was in the sky (above the water below), he kicked off his shoes and swapped them for slippers, started eating chips and drinking soda … and watching ‘Tom & Jerry’ to boot.

And, get this … the guy wasn’t even properly strapped in!!! No matter though, at least to him. Hasan landed the couch safely (somehow) and said afterward with a straight face that he felt secure and relaxed the entire time. Granted, he does this for a living!

It’s too early to tell if this is the new wave in paragliding — but hey, if he can get folks off their ass at home after seeing this … we’ll credit him with the trend

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