The Dream of Humanity: Wingsuit


Wingsuit A dream, an obsession, a passion !

Humans always admired birds and their ability to fly. Most of the time they associate it wtih freedom and flying became an obsession for humanity. A lot of people tried to fly copying birds but first flying gadgets were too primitive, most of time they didn’t fly at all.

Today were going to look at one of the ways that humans tried to fly and achieved great results. It’s ” wingsuits ” and they are the closest thing to flying like a bird. It pumps adrenalin, gives you a great pleasure and amazes watchers.

We have little knowledge about the first wingsuits but they were mostly made with; fabrics, wood, bird feathers, metals, whale bones etc.

In 1632 A Turkish scientist, aviator and inverter ” Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi ” made a successful flight. He jumped from Galata Tower which located in the European Istanbul to ” Uskudar ” Asian side of Istanbul. And he flew 3358 meters with a primitive wingsuit made of fabric, wood and bird feathers. He is also technically the first human ever to flew from a contient to another, He flew from Europe to Asia.

Here you can watch a funny animation about it.

Unfortunately not all of humans were successful and lucky as Ahmet at flying. French inventor Franz Reichelt were working on his own wingsuit. It was made of a combination between a wing body and parachute clothing. He was so confident so he tested it himself. In 1912 he jumped from Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately he made a hard landing to the ground after unsuccessful attempt of flying. Although he wasn’t be able to fly, his suit was a prototype to modern wingsuits. He may rest in peace. Here you can see his experiment

Nowadays people are using paragliders and wingsuits to perform awesome flights and full of adrenalin rushing for brains. Base jump and skydiving are amongst the most popular extreme sports in our timeline. Finnish free fall recorder Jari Kuosma was the first man to invent the modern style wingsuit and made it commercial.

Today wingsuit jumpers are forcing their suits to its limits, They are addicted to adrenalin and love what they are doing. They learned from the mistakes of predecessors and advanced their skills. In our last video you can enjoy a great wingsuit flight from our era.

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